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Infusion epoxy resin 1.5kg

Infusion epoxy resin 1.5kg

Infusion resin 7 is featuring encreased bounding strength and reactivity, outstanding 
flexibility while a very high strength and temeprature resistance. The resin contains modificatory agent that 
extremely improves penetration of the laminating mixture into the fabric

Hardener 7M is a low-viscosity cyclo-alifatic hardener containing post-curing additives that enables 
lamination also without consequent curing by heat. Gel-time (100g) at 23°C is 40 minutes.

We recommend to use the system at the temperature range between 18°C – 30°C and use the common 
processing procedures for the composite production. 
This system has been designed so that it will get cured efficiently also at room temperature of 18°C – 30°C, 
therefore it can be processed at room temperature and used without the consequent heat curing. The 
processing time depends on the used hardener. 
By curing at room temperature (approx. 25°C) for the period of 24 hours a heat resistance of 55°C – 65°C can 
be achieved. 
By heat curing a heat resistance of up to 110°C can be achieved

A 100g resin : B 50g hardener

* Price shown for 1.2kg resin system

Epoxy resinEpidian 6411
Viscosity 25°C mPa.s1 000 - 1 400 mPas
Gel time, temp. 20°C30 min
Epoxy number, mol/100 g5,65 - 5,95 mol/kg

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  • Weight: 1.50kg
  • Dimensions: 20.00cm x 20.00cm x 30.00cm
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