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Epoxy resin with hardener 565g

Epoxy resin with hardener 565g

Resin formulations for the development of glass fibers, carbon fibers, kevlar and other laminates, for the development of aggregates, for concrete impregnation, for the development of filler-type epoxy floors, wood, stone, iron, etc. gluing materials.

These epoxy resins are formulated in a hand-applied method. After wiping the fabric, it is recommended that the components be vacuumed to exhaust the air in the laminate. Resins are formulated for gluing and gluing room temperature at elevated temperatures. This is a low viscosity epoxy resin system suitable for the production of composite materials from glass fibers, carbon fiber, aramid fibers and other fabrics produced with high strength properties.
Epoxy Resin System EPIDIAN 601 Resin + Z1 Hardener
The package contains 500 g of resin + 65 g of hardener

  • Color: yellowish liquid
  • Dries 24 hours at room temperature, which gives good qualities
  • For the excellent properties, the desired parts after heating at a temperature of 60-80 ° C, 3-4 hours.

Epoxy resin with hardener 565g

Epoxy resinEpidian 601
Viscosity 25°C mPa.s700-1100
Gel time, temp. 20°C40 min
Equivalent182 – 200
Epoxy number, mol/100 g0,500 – 0,550
Density at 20°C, g/cm31,140 – 1,170

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