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Carbon Twill 160g/m2 (CTWIL163)

Carbon Twill 160g/m2 (CTWIL163)

Carbon fiber fabric, or the so-called "carbonate" is a material made of carbon fiber and is used in composite structures such as ships, yachts, airplanes, automotive / moto parts, sports equipment, etc. Carbon fiber is distinguished by high strength, durability, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance with low expansion. Most often used in parts that require high structural strength with minimal weight.
This roll is 1 m (39 inches) wide and the fabric is sold as a linear meter. The stated unit price is 1 linear meter, but volume rebates are automatically applied to larger fabric quantities.
Width: 1000 mm
The price is set at 1m2
Weight: 160g / m2
Product description
Very lightweight 160 g / m2 is a simple carbon fiber, equipped with 1k fibers for special applications such as space, radio frequency models (especially for airplanes and helicopters), unmanned aerial vehicles, bicycle racks and carriageway repairs and the like. It is suitable for very small or detailed work, such as the creation of electronic devices (iPod, iPhone, PDA, etc.) or carbon fiber jewelry.
Use and relevance
This fabric is suitable for use in vacuum packaging, infusion systems, and hand placement systems. For maximum performance, it should be used with a suitable epoxy system, but also compatible with polyester and vinyl resin resins.

Carbon Twill 160g/m2 (CTWIL163)

CARBON FABRICS - Carbon Twill 160g/m2

Carbon Twill 160g/m2 - CARBON FABRICS | COMPOSITE24

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  • Model: CTWIL163
  • Weight: 0.30kg
  • Dimensions: 100.00cm x 100.00cm x 0.30cm
  • SKU: CTWILL163
  • UPC: carbon-twill
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