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The purpose of vacuuming the composite material is to make the laminate stronger by pulling out the air bubbles that most often remain inside the laminate if it's not done This section provides single vacuum materials for vacuuming and infusion / RTM processes.



Model: TC42
Tensorgrip® TC42 is designed for the infusion mould market.  This product is a high performance, solvent-based polymer adhesive in a pressurised canister delivery system. Tensorgrip® TC42 is specifically designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of the resin witho..
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Rapid curing infusion spray COMPOFIX FAST.This spray adhesive  is used to reinforce aramid, glass, carbon fabrics and peelply or other materials next to each other in the form as well as to strengthen so that the fabric texture does not move during lay-up application. Mostly this adhesive i..
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Model: Insiets
The infusion net is a material to help transport the resin in infusion processes throughout the laminate. It creates smooth air flow to achieve a homogenous vacuum enviroment and a high quality composite part.Price shown for 1m2 infusion bleederNorādītā cena par 1m2 infūzijas sietaWidth : 1400&..
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Model: Infusion-Plug
The infusion connector plug is for the infusion process. The infusion connector is placed under the vacuum film where an infusion transfer tube with a vacuum sealing tape is attached at the top. The infusion connector can be used repeatedly.This connector can also be used for wet application and sim..
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Model: INFSP
Infusion spiral is a spiral tube which allows easy flow or resin from the resin feed tube into product. Infusion spiral is typically positioned underneath the feed line directing resin flow into the further corners of the part...
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Model: MTI-H
MTI infusion hose.The MTI hose consists of an evacuation hose, non-woven and air permeable membran. The sandwich construction leads top optimize the evacuation process and quality. Thus the MTI hose will minimize costs using vacuum infusion proces.Advantage:No resin trap necessary V..
Ex Tax:3.95€
Model: MTI Valve
MTI valveThe valve is placed between the resin flow hoses. It regulates the flow of the resin, giving optimum fibre volume ration. The fibres are evenly covered with resin. No resin pooling at the inlet point. No supersaturation with resin. The price shown is for 1 unit...
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Model: peelply
Peel Ply fabrics may be used to build large composite structures or to facilitate small repairs where a clean, textured surface is desired for additional bonding and finishing operations. A Peel Ply layer also provides pressure to the GRP composite structure during fabrication and cure allowing gas ..
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Model: PRF1
Perforated film has a good chemical and thermal resistance for a low cost. Mostly used in wet-layup vacuum bagging process in combination with breather and vacuum bag...
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Model: Spiral-Plug
The infusion spiral connector is used for the infusion process. The infusion spiral connector is placed under the vacuum film where a vacuum transfer tube with vacuum sealing tape is attached at the top. Place the infusion tube at the bottom of the infusion connector through which air or material is..
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Model: TC-SQZE
Tube clip SqueezeeSqueezee allows exact dosing of the resin flow and easy disconnecting of the resin line in the vacuum infusionIdeal for disconnecting all tube line Requires only minimum of force for disconnecting resin lines Exact dosing of the resin flow is possible Designed for ..
Ex Tax:35.80€
High-performance vacuum film is specially made for maximum air hold during the curing time.Width 1,2mThickness 50MicronsResist up to 120 C° *Price shown for 1m2 (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i..
Ex Tax:1.75€
Model: VAC-B-120
Fast and easy usable vacuum tube for long parts and small parts. Saves vacuum sealant tape and it can be used with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins.Width 120cmThickness 75µTemperature up to 180CChemical resistance*Price shown for 1 linear meter..
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Breather fabric Breather fabric
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Model: breather
Introducing our Polyester Breather Fabric - Your Key to Composite Manufacturing Excellence. This high-quality breather fabric is an essential tool for composite enthusiasts and professionals alike. Designed to facilitate even resin distribution and air removal during the curing process, our Polyeste..
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Model: vtape
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Model: Bag Connector
These high quality Through Bag Connectors are a quick and reliable way to connect vacuum hoses to vacuum bags.The connector is made up of two halves, one of which is placed inside the vacuum bag, the other is placed on the outside. A small hole is made in the vacuum bag and the mandrel of the connec..
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