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Breather fabric

polyester breather fabric
polyester breather fabric
In Stock
polyester breather fabric
polyester breather fabric
Breather fabric

Introducing our Polyester Breather Fabric - Your Key to Composite Manufacturing Excellence. This high-quality breather fabric is an essential tool for composite enthusiasts and professionals alike. Designed to facilitate even resin distribution and air removal during the curing process, our Polyester Breather Fabric ensures that your composite creations achieve the highest standards of quality and strength. Whether you're crafting aerospace components, marine structures, or automotive parts, this durable fabric provides the ideal balance of breathability and performance. Elevate your composite manufacturing with this indispensable tool. Order now to experience precision, quality, and efficiency in every project

Non woven breather and bleeder felts are made of polyester fibers. This polyester nonwoven is used as a layer on top of laminate with peelply or perforated film, to take in the excess resin from the laminate during the vacuum process.

Role comes in 1000 width

Price shown for 1m2

Breather fabric

polyester breather

polyester breather non woven fabric

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: breather
  • Weight: 0.20kg
  • Dimensions: 1.00cm x 1.00cm x 0.80cm
  • SKU: breather
  • UPC: Polyester br
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