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Epoxy resin 1.5 kg

Epoxy resin 1.5 kg

A multi-functional and transparent epoxy resin, Epidian 652 offers superior transparency, making it ideal for projects where aesthetics are paramount. Achieve a crystal clear finish that highlights the intricate details of your work.

Versatile: This epoxy resin is incredibly versatile. Use it for coating, laminating, casting and embedding, allowing you to realize your creative ideas or strengthen various materials in industrial settings.

Low viscosity, easy mixing: Epidian 652 has a low viscosity, which makes it easy to mix and pour. This feature minimizes air bubbles, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish every time.

These resins are not designed for UV resistance, but in casting projects where long-lasting clear resins are not required, they can be used by pigmenting with pigment.

Strong bonding properties: Whether you're working with art, jewelry or industrial components, Epidian 652 provides a strong, durable bond that stands the test of time.

Safety Guarantee: These epoxy resins meet safety standards, ensuring that you can work with them safely while protecting both your health and the environment.

How can it be used?

Industrial Applications: Excellent choice for bonding fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar fabrics. Epidian 652 is an invaluable asset to industrial processes such as lamination, casting and reinforcing materials.

Arts and Crafts Projects: Create stunning artwork, jewelry and decorative pieces with the Epidian 652, giving them a professional finish.

Woodworking: Enhance and protect your woodwork from furniture to countertops with this flexible epoxy resin.

Home Improvement: Use this epoxy for DIY home projects including bar tops, countertops and more.

Epidian 652 is all about turning your ideas into reality, ensuring your projects stand out and last. Take your craft or industry to the next level with this premium epoxy resin. Order now and experience the difference the Epidian 652 can make to your work.

Cures for 24 hours at room temperature, after which good properties are obtained

To obtain excellent properties, post-heating of the part at a temperature of 60-80°C for 3-4 hours is desirable.

Epoxy resin EPIDIAN 652 resin + IDA hardener

The package contains 1 kg of resin + 500 g of hardener

Epoxy resin 1.5 kg

Epoxy resin for lamination

Epoxy resin for casting

Epoxy resinEpidian 601
Viscosity 25°C mPa.s700-1100
Gel time, temp. 20°C40 min
Equivalent182 – 200
Epoxy number, mol/100 g0,500 – 0,550
Density at 20°C, g/cm31,140 – 1,170

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  • Model: 652-IDA-1.5
  • Weight: 1.55kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 15.00cm x 20.00cm
  • SKU: 652-IDA-1.5
  • ISBN: Epidian 652
  • MPN: Epoxy resin
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